Artificial Thistle Flower Thistle Cynara Lavender £6.99

Artificial thistle Cynara lavender     £6.99


The thistle is Scotland's traditional flower and creates a bold statement on its own or in any floral display.

Utterly wild and realistic, this thistle can transform a room creating a charming atmosphere with purple hues, proving that artificial flowers really can look realistic and eye catching.

The height including stem is 80cm the largest heads measures 9cm.




artificial thistle Pink Seed Thistle with 3 heads £7.50

Fuzzy pink thistle   £7.50 each


This pretty pink thistle can transform a room creating a charming atmosphere with pink hues, proving that artificial flowers really can look realistic and eye catching.

The height of this thistle is 64cm, with three heads on each stem.





Forest Bluebells £12.50

Artificial forest Bluebell bunch £12.50 (10 stems per bunch)


The best thing about the Scottish forest floor in Spring time is the carpet beneath the trees comprising of precious Bluebells.



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Wild Sea Holly Spiky mum thistle £5.99



Spiky mum thistle purple   £5.99


You are buying 1 x stem of purple spiky mum thistle 67cm.

This thistle has gentle spiky flowers and is a favourite for making button holes and corsages.


Spikey mum pink Spiky mum thistle pink £5.99



Spiky mum thistle pink  £5.99


Spiky mum thistle pink 67cm.

Spikey mum thistle green Spiky mum thistle green £5.99



Spiky mum thistle green  £5.99


Green spiky mum thistle 67cm.

Purple Scottish thistle £3.50

Purple Scottish Thistle £3.50


You are buying one artificial purple Scottish thistle with 2 heads on each stem.

This pretty little thistle grows wild in hedgerows and attracts lots of bumble bees and insects to it's magnificent flowers.

Height 51cm


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Lavender thistle Thistle bud small £4.50

Thistle bud lavender small £4.50


These lucious lavender thistle buds are elegant and realistic with 3 buds on each stem. Perfect for a wild rustic look in a vase or bouquet, height 43cm.








Wedding thistle Giant single stem thistle £7.99

Giant single stem purple thistle £7.99


You are buying a single purple thistle with one giant head measuring 12cm x 12cm, the height including the stem is 86cm.

A glorious symbol of Scotland and a key element in wedding arrangements or floral displays, giving a wonderfully natural and wild charm.

Legend has it that Norsemen invaded the sleeping clansmen barefoot in the quiet of the darkness. As they crept, they crossed a glen covered with thistles. One of  the men shrieked in pain as the thorn pierced his foot and awoke the  highlanders.

The thistle was then chosen as Scotland's national emblem.




Purple teasel cone thistle £5.99


Purple teasel cone thistle  £5.99


You are buying 1 purple artificial teasel thistle with 3 buds on each stem.

The buds are beautiful, deep purple with dark green faux silk leaves.

This charming teasel is a favourite for wild flower lovers, perfect for a happy, sunny display on a windowsill or bouquet.




Artificial teasel thistle Green teasel thistle £5.99

Green teasel cone thistle   £5.99


You are buying 1 green artificial teasel thistle with 3 buds on each stem.

Wedding thistle Purple artificial thistle £5.50

Purple artificial thistle with 3 heads & no leaves    £5.50


A humble weed with a wealth of history and legends.

This vibrant purple thistle is wild & majestic and captures a moment in the faraway hills & glens, and looks so good in many situations.

Height 76cm.

Sea holly wispy blue/green £14.99

Sea Holly   £14.99


This sea holly is by far my most realistic flower !

Imagine a Scottish garden surrounded by this majestic thistle, ambushed with bluebells and snowdrops, a highland wedding would be incomplete without these to accomplish the legend.

Fluffy green buds with spiky blue tinged wispy thistle foliage, 4 thistle heads on each stem, height 59cm including the stem. Arrogant with texture and colour this specimen stimulates a gorgeous feature in any room or conservatory.




Sea holly Fluffy Sea Holly Green and purple £9.99


Sea holly fluffy  £9.99


This artificial Sea holly suits any gathering and is a favourite in wedding button holes.

The luxurious textured leaves makes this stem especially striking, the height is 84cm with 6 heads on each stem.

Enjoy !








Pink wild thistle £4.50

Pink wild thistle  £4.50


A little wild fluffy pink thistle with 6 heads on each stem, height 68cm.

This thistle looks so good in many situations, perfect for making button holes and especially sweet in wedding bouquets available in pink, lilac, white & blue.

A welcome sight in hedgerows and woodlands 

"The thistle stands tall an' thrives on its reign,

in a' Scottish he'rts it will always remain."



Scottish thistle Blue wild thistle £4.50

Blue wild thistle    £4.50 each


Create your own arrangements with these comforting little blue thistles. The height including the stem is 68cm with 6 heads on each stem, also available in magenta, lilac & white.

These thistles are widely used for making Scottish wedding button holes and handbag corsages, or why not add some bracken leaves for a delicate wild display.






Thistle Buttonhole Blue thistle corsage £10.50

Blue thistle corsage single   £10.50

A true example of a traditional Scottish button hole, this thistle & heather corsage "Single Blue" symbolises Scotland's emblem.

Our corsages can be worn at meetings, gatherings and weddings, giving a warm Scottish welcome.

More than 30 in stock.



Buttonhole Scottish corsage £10.50

Buttonhole blue thistle and heather with green ribbon  £10.50

Corsage £10.50 Buttonhole £10.50

Buttonhole with blue thistle and grey ribbon  £10.50


These corsages can be customised using various thistles and heather.


Wedding corsage Scottish Buttonhole £10.50

Sea Holly & heather buttonhole corsage with brooch pin  £10.50


This charming thistle buttonhole is our best seller and is worn by both ladies and gents at Scottish weddings and gatherings height 12cm.

It can also be attached to a handbag or sporran for a tasteful statement of Scottish tradition.

So realistic you won't believe it !!

Fluffy wild thistle White wild thistle £4.50

White fluffy wild thistle  £4.50 each


This little fluffy white thistle has 6 heads on each stem the height is 68cm.

Set the mood and capture the beauty for winter wedding bouquets and corsages, or display in a favourite vase.


Wild collection £12.99

Ivory thistle/ coral Queen Ann collection


These thistles are majestic, bold, exciting and dramatic, enhanced by the wild beauty of coral Queen Ann lace perfect for creating a focal point in bouquets and floral art arrangements.


£12.99 ( 1 ivory thistle & 2 x coral Queen Ann)

Coral Queen Ann £2.99

Coral Queen Ann's Lace  £2.99


Take a strole along the river side walks and feast your eyes on the wild flowers.

This vibrant coral Queen Ann's Lace is wild and wonderful capturing a moment in the Scottish hedge row.

One flower head on each stem, with a total height of 80cm, a humble weed with a wealth of history and legend.


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Allium Spiky globe thistle £4.50

Spiky Globe thistle   £4.50


An enchanting midnight blue spiky globe thistle with 1 head on each stem, height 62cm, head size 9cm.

You will be delighted with this particularly vibrant midnight blue coloured thistle a splendid centrepiece for any floral art display. (made from fine plastic)






Fuzzy giant thistle Giant fluffy thistle £8.99

Giant fluffy white thistle with 5 heads  £8.99


A giant fluffy white thistle which stands 106cm tall.

Inspired by Scotland's wealth of untamed Autumn walks, this thistle comes in purple, white and tinge of pink.

Our giant thistle will be the centre of attention, all eyes will focus on this exhibit !!



Wedding buttonhole Double white corsage £10.50

White thistle corsage double  £10.50

A true example of a traditional Scottish button hole, this thistle & heather corsage symbolises Scotland's emblem, these are worn at meetings, gatherings and weddings, giving a warm Scottish welcome. (Music not included)

Giant fluffy pink thistle Giant light pink seed thistle

Giant fluffy tinge of pink thistle   £8.99


You are buying 1 stem of pink tinged thistle.

Delicately pink-tinged, it looks utterly gorgeous in a tall glass vase, also available in purple & ivory.

Stands 103cm tall and has 5 heads on each stem.



Cone thistle Cone thistle Purple £3.50



Cone thistle purple  £3.50


This gorgeous cone shaped flower lends itself to so many uses such as bridal arrangements, corsages, fillers and equally as stunning on it's own.

The height including stem is 69cm.






White cone thistle Cone thistle white £3.50

Cone thistle white   £3.50


Cone thistles are popular as a filler for floral arranging, available in white, and purple with 3 heads on each stem height 69cm.







Sea thistle spray

Sea thistle   £3.50


This sea thistle compliments any arrangement as a filler, they're also ideal for brightening up a kitchen windowsill or bathroom. 

Sea thistle spray green with purple tip, height 22cm.




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Wedding bracken Bracken leaf curly £4.50

Scottish bracken leaf curly   £4.50


You are buying 1  bracken leaf  60cm tall.

In Scotland our tranquil forest floors are rich with wild bracken hugging the tree roots and thistles.

Green is the colour trending this year for floral art and these make a stunning statement in any room. Tall  leaves are also a key feature in floral art of any kind they inspire the imagination.




Wedding flowers Bracken fern £3.50


Bracken fern with 2 dormant buds £3.50


No thistle display is complete without the impressive wild bracken spikes which burst in the woodland in June, lasting till springtime where bluebells and snowdrops look for shelter under the cover of this charming foliage.

Stand back and admire !





Queen anne lace purple £5.90

Queen Ann's Lace purple  £5.90


A humble weed with a wealth of history and legend. Absolutely stunning displayed with thistles to create a fresh cheerful arrangement, also available in green.

Two flower heads on each stem ,height  90cm.



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Queen anne lace green £5.90

Queen Ann's lace  green £5.90 


" Wee modest crimson- tipped  flow'r,

Thou's met me in an evil hour,

For I maun crush amang the stoure,

Thy slender stem,

To spare thee now is past my pow'r,

Thou bonnie gem."


By Robert Burns











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Thistle buds Thistle bud lavender £5.99


Lavender thistle bud    £5.99 each

You are buying one thistle with 3 buds on each stem height 81cm.

These luscious lavender thistle buds are elegant and realistic creating a bold  statement on their own, alternatively try displaying in a tall glass vase for a more modern display but equally as enchanting in a rustic eartherware container.

Utterly wild and realistic !





Hedgerow allium Allium single green

Allium hedgerow green   £3.70


This wild little single allium is perfect on its own in a vase or used to compliment an arrangement.

Freshen up any room with this eye catching minimalistic stem.

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Allium hedgerow pink Allium single pink

Allium hedgerow pink  £3.70


Cauld blew the bitter biting north

Upon thy early humble birth,

Yet cheerfully thou glinted forth,

Amid the storm,

Scarce rear'd above the parent earth,

Thy tender form.


The beautiful words of Robert Burns.

Pink single stem allium height 55cm,also available in green.




wedding heather Scottish heather bush purple £6.50


Purple heather bush  £6.50 each (pot not included)


Do you remember going on family picnics up the hillsides and decorating the car with heather on the way home ? A tradition in Scotland that still thrives, this artificial heather is ideal for decorating the wedding car as it is weatherproof and comes in the lucky white or purple shades height 26cm.

More than 30 in stock.


Scottish Heather light purple Light purple heather spray £6.50


Light purple heather spray  £6.50


Capture the essence of the Scottish moors & glens, mixing colours to brighten any gathering, height 35cm.



Wedding heather Scottish heather bush white


White heather bush  £6.50 (pot not included)


Heather is now in full bloom on the Scottish hillsides, try mixing vibrant colours to create your own traditional display for St Andrews or Robert Burns events,height 26cm.


Purple heather bush Dk. Purple heather bush

Dk. purple heather bush  £6.50

Scottish raspberry stem £5.50




Height including stem 75cm /15 heads



3 headed box thistle lavender £6.50



Approx. height including stem 29cm



Sea holly white & green £12.99




Approx. height including stem 81cm







Ornamental cabbage £7.99

Ornamental cabbage Purple /green  £7.99


Height including stem is 46cm suitable for outdoors. This flower is perfect for using in winter & spring hanging baskets with heather and snow drops, guaranteed to be slug and maintainance free.

Have fun !

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Ornamental cabbage green £7.99

Ornamental cabbage green  £7.99



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Ornamental cabbage £7.99

Ornamental cabbage white  £7.99

Wedding thistle Dandelion seeds £7.50

Dandelion seed stems £7.50

You are buying 1 artificial dandelion with 1 head on the stem.

This dandelion flower is steeped in Scottish folklore, a wedding bouquet woven with dandelion heads is said to bring good luck for the newly married couple. Young lovers blow the seeds "he loves me- he loves me not", make a wish or tell the time.

It is also believed that the number of seeds left on the clock after blowing indicates the number of children a girl will have in later years. You can't always believe your eyes, these are artificial and strikingly attractive. Ideal for home office or wedding displays. The height including stem is 80cm head diameter 10cm.

Note my beautiful little rescue tortoise called Daisy who helps me with my photo shoots.

                                      OUT OF STOCK



Thistle bomb 3 x head £5.20





Approx. height including stem   64cm




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Scottish wild flowers Snow Drops £4.50

Snowdrops   £4.50

Gorgeous double white snowdrops height 24cm with 10 flower heads in the bunch.

These dainty petal packed white nodding flowers can be seen on forest floors, banks and flower borders in January and February.

It's perhaps time we left the natural woodland to flourish and create an indoor alternative with our life-like faux silk variety.

Dearest tie of young connections, Love's first snowdrop, virgin kiss !

"Robert Burns"

Scottish wild flowers Snowdrops £4.50

Snowdrops £4.50



Fritillaria bunch £4.50

Fritillaria bunch  £4.50

With 5 captivating bell shaped purple snakes eye flowers on each plant, who would believe this isn't real ? The height including stem is 24cm.

It can be very tempting to pick the spring flowers from the forest to feast our eyes on the treasures of nature indoors.

Now we have beautifully crafted artificial blooms, so why not leave our little bulbs to multiply in the garden and brighten up any room with our perfect replicas.


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Wild fuzzy thistle £7.80



Approx height including stem 84cm



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